Ways to Give

We believe a strong community is one where we all look out for each other. If you do too, please consider a donation. Every dollar makes a huge difference in the lives of local people. It’s tax-deductible, and it will be put to work immediately.

You can help us lend a hand to people like the disabled woman who needed assistance with the purchase of a car to drive her children to school, the repair of electrical service for a senior whose system was damaged by a fallen tree, or the rental deposit for a family of six moving to a new home.

Donations are tax deductible as provided by law. Our federal tax ID# is 68-0197586.

There are many ways to donate to West Marin Community Services:



Bring your food donations to the Food Pantry in our office at 11431 Highway 1 during office hours (Monday through Friday, from 9:00-12:00 and 1:00-5:00). We especially appreciate canned protein foods and fruits and vegetables from your garden.

Goods & Vehicles


You can generally save income taxes when you donate appreciated securities (such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds) to West Marin Community Services.

You may direct your brokerage to transfer the shares to:
West Marin Community Services
Vanguard Brokerage Account 48013031, DTC Code 0062

Please let us know the shares are coming so we can send you a tax receipt and thank-you letter after they arrive. (If you don't let us know about the transfer, we won't know it came from you, as Vanguard is prohibited from telling us.)

If your stock or mutual fund shares are already at Vanguard, please contact Vanguard for the proper paperwork for an in-house transfer. If you wish to transfer Vanguard mutual fund shares, our Vanguard mutual fund account is 88064177645. In rare cases, our Vanguard account will not be able to accept your security. Please call us at 415-663-8361 to find an alternative.

Are you age 70½ or older?  Do you have an annual requirement to withdraw a certain amount from your IRA?

If you answer ‘yes’ to both of these questions there is a special arrangement for contributing IRA withdrawals directly to a charity. It is called a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) and it works like this:

This sounds like it would be a wash—no income, no deduction, and for some people it would be.  But for others this arrangement can save on taxes and, potentially, on Medicare B premiums. 

Please discuss these strategies with a trusted tax or investment adviser to make sure you will benefit, as everyone's situation is different.

Legacy Giving

There are many different options, offering a variety of tax advantages, for including WMCS in your estate planning and leaving a legacy for the community.

For example, include us in your will or living trust or make West Marin Community Services the beneficiary of your Traditional IRA. Directing your IRA custodian to make WMCS a beneficiary can be a tax-wise strategy that is free (or inexpensive) and easy to implement.

Other strategies, offering various advantages, are more complicated and may require the services of an attorney. Please call us at 415-663-8361 if you would like to discuss a gift of this kind, or consult with your professional estate planner.