Everyone faces challenges in their lives.

At those times, West Marin Community Services is here to help.

WMCS is the central hub for a diverse range of services that support the residents of West Marin. We address the needs that no other organization or government program does, to ensure that West Marin remains a thriving community.

Despite the visible wealth most see in West Marin, many of our neighbors need help. Few realize that in Point Reyes Station, 28% of residents make under $25,000 per year. Or that in the Shoreline Unified School District, 59% of the students are low income.

Behind these numbers are real people: the school girl who needed shoes to play basketball; the single father who needed truck repairs to continue his work as a contractor, and the disabled senior who needed a wheelchair ramp.

We make sure no one goes hungry. We leverage government and county-wide programs to assist locals. We distribute Thrift Store profits to residents in need. We bring the community together for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner, and partner with West Marin agencies so that no one falls through the cracks.

WMCS lends a hand to our most vulnerable residents and those going through tough challenges in their lives — so that West Marin can remain a diverse, vibrant community.

We are here for Every One. All Ways.

Click here to read our 2016-17 Annual Report.